The Wind Comes Sweeping

Marcia Preston’s The Wind Comes Sweeping begins in the past with the suicide of a young woman in 1895 Oklahoma territory, resulting in the “Legend of Silk Mountain”. I was a bit disappointed that the story didn’t continue there, since I enjoy reading stories in historical settings, but soon settled into the shift to modern day Oklahoma and a gripping tale about a young woman who has returned to her home town after her rancher father’s death.

Marik Youngblood has the soul of an artist rather than a rancher, but respects the land and understands the promise of the wind power to the ranch’s survival. Her return home forces her to deal with neighbors who oppose the land’s use for that purpose. Marik and her neighbor, Lena, have little in common other than heartbreaking personal secrets, but each must ultimately accept her own need for resolution. This story includes some interesting descriptions of wind power technology and supplied some perspective on those giant (115 feet long) fiberglass rotors that we often see traveling down Oklahoma’s highways.