The Sky Took Him

The Sky Took Him by Donis Casey is an “Alafair Tucker” mystery. I had not read any of the other titles of the series, which include The Old Buzzard Had It Coming, Hornswoggled, and The Drop Edge of Yonder. In the latest of the series, Alafair Tucker travels to Enid, Oklahoma from her home in tiny Boynton in the fall of 1915 to help her sister, Ruth Ann, whose husband is on his death bed. Alafair is a practical, hardworking mother of several children, and her life contrasts with that of Ruth Ann, who lives a life of privilege and enjoys the social and political scene in the Cherokee Strip. The difficulty of watching her sister’s husband die is magnified when Ruth Ann’s son-in-law doesn’t return home as scheduled. Lester’s disappearance sets the stage for public disclosure of questionable dealings involving one of the most powerful and dangerous men in Enid and Alafair allows her natural curiosity and sleuthing abilities to uncover the source of a history of trouble for her sister’s family. I particularly enjoyed getting to know Alafair and her family in The Sky Took Him (there is even a family tree included at the beginning of the book), as well as references to Oklahoma history. There are also some authentic recipes for some of the food mentioned in the book, including Alafair’s chocolate pie/pudding (described as “potent” and “for extreme chocolate lovers only”).