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Book Format: A Matter of Preference, not Perfection

Book Format: A Matter of Preference, not Perfection

Who is the “favorite child” in your family? The answer might vary among your siblings, if you have any. (We will presume that it will always be yourself if you are an only child.) Of course, one child might be considered “Mom’s favorite” and another “Dad’s favorite”, depending upon whose opinion is being offered. And … Continue reading Book Format: A Matter of Preference, not Perfection

Summer Fun at the Library

Summer Reading Programs -- Still Going Strong! For many of my working years, summer was the busiest season, with preparations beginning months ahead.  As a librarian for the Pioneer Library System, I understood that the months when school wasn’t in session were a wonderful time to bring children into the library and nourish the “reading … Continue reading Summer Fun at the Library

Book Recommendation for June 2017

This month's recommended title, By the Book: Writers on Literature and the Literary Life from The New York Times Book Review, is one from a subcategory of books I collect about reading, writing, libraries, bookstores, book collecting, and related subjects.  Many of these books reside on my shelves at home while others are in the … Continue reading Book Recommendation for June 2017