Our Community

Our Community (2)

Our Book and Reading Community: There’s a Place for You Here

Have you found the right place? Sometimes it takes a little exploration to know. Sometimes a table of contents, site map, or statement of purpose can help. Read through these statements and if most of them describe you, then you’ll find like minds here. Call us a community, a tribe, or a family (none of whom agree on every little point); there is a place for you here.

1. Reading is a very important part of my life.

2. I read for pleasure, entertainment, information, enlightenment, stimulation, depth of understanding, and/or active participation in my community, my country, and culture.

3. I support and celebrate all those who understand and contribute to the positive impact that reading brings, including teachers and other educators, librarians, publishers, poets and writers, bookstore owners, book reviewers, and legislators.

4. I understand the magic and power of story in our lives.

5. I have many demands upon my time, but always make time for reading.

6. I am concerned that many children are not exposed to books in their homes.

7. I would rather that our country be known as a nation of readers rather than a nation of consumers.

8. I believe that reading is one of the great gifts of living.

9. I am constantly looking for ways to increase the time I have to read.

10. I enjoy discussing and recommending books.

11. I enjoy visiting and exploring bookstores.

12. I like to read about books, authors, and related subjects.

13. I own/collect books and value them as treasures in my home.

14. Reading and books were important to my childhood.

15. I understand that reading can benefit my brain as I age.

16. I believe that there is a book (or several) for everybody.

17. I see nonreaders as potential future readers.

18. I believe that everyone should have the freedom and opportunity to make their own reading choices.

19. I extend my reading beyond books to newspapers, magazines, trustworthy online resources, social media, and other formats.

20. I have a favorite reading spot in my home.

21. I usually take something to read when I’m away from home.

22. I’m happy that I can choose to read a traditional book, or an e-book, or listen to an audiobook. I have my own preferences and also celebrate the choices that technology brings.

23. I keep a “to read” list and record the books I have completed.

24. I have favorite authors and support them however I can.

25. I enjoy book festivals, author readings and signings, and other book-related events.

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