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Start Here

The intersection of Books and Reading is my favorite place. Books have contributed so much to my life – entertainment, inspiration, information, the magic of story, the freedom of discovery – but I would have missed all books have brought me were it not for reading. I find it fitting that both the Books and Reading signs in the image above point in the same direction. The full benefit comes when we combine the two – we become book people.

We know that there are feeder roads to that intersection, which complement or connect to Books and Reading. Creativity, writing, stories and storytelling, publishing, libraries, book stores, literary landmarks, book collecting, books as art, book recommendations, book festivals, book discussions – all are there to discover, celebrate and share when book people gather together.

But we will start here, at the intersection of Books and Reading, and follow the markers to find our way through our site and blog.

Table of Contents

Blog – “Notes from the Margins” is where we can connect on a regular basis. It is here that we will visit the subjects mentioned above as “feeder roads”. One week may be a short recommendation of a book, the next may be a visit to a bookstore, and the next an exploration of how “story” works. You will have an opportunity to follow the blog on your feed, and/or sign up for an e-mail newsletter with links to new content.

Our Community – A checklist instead of a roadmap, to confirm that you are in the right place.

About Me – My life story and my evolution as a Bookwoman.

Newsletters and Social Media – Additional ways we can stay connected and share our love of reading and books, as well as other projects I am involved in.

Contact – How to get in touch with me and information about presentations and for media.


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