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“Best Books” or Personal Favorites?

  I have, for many years, been interested in critical reviews when deciding which books to add to my “to read” list. These examinations of theme, character, tone, plot, and the author’s mastery of the written language have been my guideposts, as have the nominees and winners of the various literary prizes and the ever-growing … Continue reading “Best Books” or Personal Favorites?

Loving Audiobooks

  The weeks before the holidays are prime times for listening to audiobooks while decorating, cooking, and wrapping packages. Publishers release many audios tailored for the season each year, so you can listen to one of your classic favorites or a new title as you work.   Some weeks ago, I described my love of … Continue reading Loving Audiobooks

Ten Reasons I Love Book Talking (And Maybe You Will, Too!)

First, let me clarify. I love book discussion in all its varieties – one-on-one, online, group discussion about one title, panel discussion – you name it.  If it’s about books, I’m there! My favorite format is book talking. I learned the term when I was a new librarian attending my first Oklahoma Library Association conference.  … Continue reading Ten Reasons I Love Book Talking (And Maybe You Will, Too!)