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Your Story — Your Legacy

Your story is about how you changed or what you learned from your experiences. Nobody can truly know this except you. Your gift is sharing what you learned with others, so that they can learn from it, too. 1. Your story is being created.  It may not be written down, but it is being told, … Continue reading Your Story — Your Legacy

Is Reading Dying Out? Time to Plant Some New Seeds

Last week I posted about growing up in a small town in the middle of the twentieth century and how my surroundings contributed to my development as a reader. Of course, we are living in different times, but there is value in examining “seeds to reading” and how we might plant them today. I will … Continue reading Is Reading Dying Out? Time to Plant Some New Seeds

Eight Seeds to Grow Young Readers

I’ve always been enchanted by beautiful libraries portrayed in books as places where characters or real-life people can retreat to read in comfort and luxury.  I have also been impressed by prodigies who begin reading at age of three or four and complete works of classical literature before they reach their teens. My own reading … Continue reading Eight Seeds to Grow Young Readers