Including Books in Your Autumn and Thanksgiving Décor

Books are so much a part of my life. How could they not be a part of my décor?

Fall Kitchen3

I love the change of the seasons and the celebration of holidays. I also adore books. Putting the two together is nirvana.

I am a collector on a small (and inexpensive) scale. I have collected seasonal decorations for decades and can say that my collection is pretty much (notice that I didn’t say absolutely) complete. My book collection will never be complete, and contenders for additional space include new holiday and seasonal books.  I will always find a place for them.

Fall LR1

Here are some ideas for you to consider for adding some books to your autumn decorating, which I will assume is finished by now. You will probably still find a spot or two to proclaim your love of books through the rest of the month, and then we can begin one of my very favorite traditions: bringing out the Christmas books!

First, look through your books and select those that are in autumn colors.  You can use these to give more height or emphasis to your autumn pieces.  Put them aside for now, as you consider other books that could work with your décor.

Next, you’ll want to look at your book covers.  Many of mine are specific to the season, but you can also consider covers for both fiction and nonfiction titles that evoke memories or emotions that autumn recalls for you and your family.

If you collect decorating books, as I do, look through them for photographs that have autumn or Thanksgiving scenes. I also have some crafts books that focus on the seasons and have found that the pages dividing one season from the next often have spectacular or unusual photographs.

Fall LR2

Fall Kitchen1

Don’t forget to look through your books by your favorite artists or illustrators. I have found several favorites in my books by Mary Engelbreit and Marjolein Baston.

Fall LR3

Cookbooks usually have really nice photography of food for the season, as well as table decorations. The weeks before Thanksgiving are a great time to use these illustrations for tableaux or vignettes in your kitchen or dining area. Even recipes can be a part of your decoration!

Fall Kitchen2


If your collection is small or limited in books that you can use, a trip to the library can provide a treasure trove for decorating for the season. Don’t forget to look at the sale tables for things you can use next year when you begin your Christmas shopping at your local book store.

I will be looking forward our annual “welcome back” to our Christmas books soon after Thanksgiving and to sharing them with you in December!

Books from my collection used in these photographs include: Nature’s Sketchbook by Marjolein Baston, Mary Engelbreit’s Autumn by Charlotte Lyons, Gooseberry Patch Celebrate Autumn, A Year in the Country by Tessa Evelegh, Fall Notebook by Carolyne Roehm, American Family Style by Mary Randolph Carter, and Cookie Craft by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer.